Energy Work


Is there a new way to connect to horses through positive energy? Through my practice, I’ve seen this method make a world of difference.

The basics of energy work are simple. We are all comprised of energy, and our energy creates our world. If we are negative, we will have a difficult, challenging time. Positive energy creates happiness, abundance, and success. The source of this energy is our own mind. Our thoughts send forth energy waves, either positive or negative. If we think about all the good things in life, we will create even more of it. Abundance comes from our abundant heart and mind. Working together, we can achieve success.

Therefore, what we focus on is what we create. My past had been one of fear, judgment, and control. Once I learned that these were the source of my pain and unhappiness, I decided to focus on joy and happiness. The book that helped me was Feelings Buried Alive Never Die, by Karol Truman. At the same time, horses came into my life and opened up my soul with freedom to explore new ways of living.

Animals are an excellent mirror of our emotions. If we have an angry cowboy, his horse usually uncooperative. If a barrel racer is uptight and anxious, the horse is too. Often, the answer is helping the human to think positive, successful, and calm thoughts.

With my expertise, I read a horse’s energy field, clear the negative energy (emotion), and determine if there is a physical issue like teeth, back, feet, or gut. Once we get to the root of the problem, we decide on a plan of action. Usually people contact me after they’ve consulted with their vet, and they feel there may still be room for more improvement. I always encourage people to work with their vet first if possible. 

Let’s think again about the idea of energy. Consider this: there is no end to energy, as the cell phone shows us. We can talk to Australia, France, or Taiwan in a heartbeat with no wires connecting anything. It’s all energy. We as humans are frequency receivers and senders too. Many modalities today incorporate this in therapies, such as Reiki Energy Work. As a result, when a client from Montana or Alaska sends me a picture of his horse, dog, or goat, I can connect to that energy field through the image and quickly notice the source of the issue. This therapy is a process because releasing the negative energy can take some time. When I work with a client, it covers a two-week period. First, we can release whatever comes to the surface. Then as time goes by, different emotions can arise, and I work to clear them as well. Some horses are handled roughly during the training process and retain the fear, anger, or guilt they experienced. As time goes by, they may have behavior or health issues as a result. Once these emotions are released, they react differently. By removing the source of the negative mentality without force, confidence builds, and trust develops.

The more positive the mentality, both human and equine, the better the performance. The horse will give you his heart if you learn to listen and work with him. Control is never the answer.