A racehorse recovers health, fitness and a new lease on life.

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We started working with a racehorse that had been neglected and was stiff and inflexible. A few weeks into the training, we added Curamax, one scoop of pellets per day, as part of a nutritional protocol. His appetite became voracious, eating all hay given and drinking all water provided. Six weeks into the program, he had gained muscle, and was much improved in his six days per week dressage training work, with a more consistent attitude and increased body comfort.† Review by Laura D †Family, friend or staff member of Terry Naturally Animal Health

She's A Different Horse!

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A couple of months on Curamax by Terry Naturally and the difference in Jazzi is amazing. She’s no longer so stiff and her joints don’t crack. She’s a different horse! Might just have to pull her out of retirement and run some barrels on her.† Review by Alissa B. — Horse Lover/Barrel Racer †Family, friend or staff member of Terry Naturally Animal Health

Running Around Again

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I have been searching for an effective Joint & Hip supplement for my nine-year old dog, for about a year now. After about five different products, I almost stopped searching. I stumbled upon the Hip & Joint Formula from Terry Naturally Animal Health and after about five weeks, my nine-year old dog was running around and she even jumped up on the sofa by herself.. Thank you Terry Naturally! Review by Customer

Feeling Playful Again!

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I have two senior dogs, 12 & 13 years old. I had previously been giving them glucosamine to try and help their joints but did not see any improvement with that. Starting giving them this Hip & Joint supplement and after 2 months I have seen improvement in both. The 12 yr old legs no longer snap and crack every time she gets up or walks up the stairs. The 13 yr old dog seems to be a more playful and has even found he feels well enough to jump up and steal food off the counters again! Definitely will continue to give them this supplement and would recommend to anyone.† Review by Hilary B. †Family, friend or staff member of Terry Naturally Animal Health

The "Calming Effect"

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The Calming Formula product from Terry Naturally Animal Health is fast and effective. I have tried other products on my anxious dog but nothing worked as quick and effective as this Terry Naturally product. I was worried the supplement may cause downiness, but I overall just noticed a ‘calming’ effect.† Review by Kelly †Family, friend or staff member of Terry Naturally Animal Health

The Dog Lover’s Bookshelf

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I’ve always loved dogs, and reading, and so it is no surprise that I started collecting books about dogs at a young age. I recently revisited my childhood book collection and looked over some of my favorites. Here, in no particular order, are a few that I remember reading and re-reading. How many are familiar to you?