Behavior Beyond Training – The Gut Connection

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Your dog’s gut health can affect their behavior. Recent studies on dogs have shown that a healthy microbiome in a dog—the vast ecosystem of bacteria, fungi, and viral organisms in their digestive tracts—can make a significant difference in their behavior.

Retail Initiatives for Pet Products

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The global pet supplement market is big business and sales are growing. A recent report suggests that projections for pet supplements and nutraceuticals in the United States mirror the positive outlook for dietary supplements in the human-health market.

We are utterly impressed!

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About six months ago, our seven-year-old dog, Baja, began losing her interest in playing. After being recommended Terry Naturally’s Joint and Hip formula from a family member, we tried it.

Be Aware! It’s National Pet Poison Prevention Month

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One of the best things about National Pet Poison Prevention Month is how it brings awareness to some seemingly harmless items in our everyday life that are poisonous to our pets.

A Long Life & Curcumin for Horses

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Did you know that the lifespan of horses has changed dramatically since the 1900s? Horses used to start working before the age of two, be in service for long hours, and work extremely hard, day in and day out.

Understanding Aiding: Part III–Connection


So often in dressage we hear, “inside leg to outside rein.” Just as common is a lack of understanding on how to achieve this connection, or what it is supposed to feel like. My first three articles covered balance, rhythm, and suppleness for both the horse and rider. A basic understanding of these principles, and the ability to apply them in your daily riding routine, is necessary to successfully developing an inside leg to outside rein connection. I encourage you to review the previous articles if the material isn’t second nature to you by now.