He Loves the Omega Supplement

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Kenton or Oscar, his adoptive name, was adopted from Forever Home Dog Rescue the summer of 2019. We recently got a phone call from the Animal Rescue League, our local shelter for stray dogs in the metro, letting us know that Kenton/Oscar had been picked up by them and had never been claimed by his owner.

Does Your Dog Have Sensitive Skin?

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Our furry friends, just like us, can experience sensitive skin. While we can decide what to do when that happens, our pets must rely on us to take action. Make sure you are aware of your pet’s skin, and be prepared to help.

Dressage: Understanding Aiding Part II - Suppleness


Series: Dressage: A biomechanically founded and artistically cultivated system of training This month: Understanding aiding –science and art interwoven: Part II - Suppleness

Great Products!

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After a lot of online research, it was my understanding that turmeric was something to look into and I came across Terry Naturally products. We started our 7 year old lab mix on Curacel Curcumin and Omega Skincare.

Talking with Animals

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As a kid, I loved to pet animals. Hearing about someone who could “talk” with animals sounded amazing, but I didn’t think I could converse with four-legged creatures. That gift was for “special people,” or it was superhuman power. Imagine my surprise when I realized that I could talk to animals! My journey of working with the energy in my hands to communicate began when I was nine years old.

Forget the Fish Oil: There's a Better Choice for Omega-3

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Many of us are big fans of omega-3 supplements, and why not? They support a healthy heart, mind, and eyes, among other aspects of health. But what are we giving to our best friend?