Flea and Tick Protection

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Looking for an effective way to get flea and tick protection for your dog? Depending on your lifestyle and where you live, that can be easier said than done. Here are a few ways to pursue prevention and also some guidance if your pup does encounter these fur-loving pests.

Why Do Dogs Fear Fireworks and How You Can Help

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Does your dog fear fireworks? Does he try to hide, start shaking, or lay his ears back and give you a look that seems to say, “Make it stop!”? Other signs of fear include whining, barking, howling, shivering, and cowering. You may notice that some dogs are terrified, while others don’t give fireworks or thunderstorms a second thought.

Your Dog's Joint Health Advocate–YOU!

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Do you ever talk with your friends about how you’re feeling? Sharing that “this” aches or “that” is a little sore because you overdid it on the weekend? Of course you do! But what about your dog? How do they let you know they are occasionally feeling some stiffness and discomfort, or starting to feel their age? They can’t! As a pet parent, you need to be proactive and pay attention to their signals and cues.

Equestrian Photography

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When horses come to mind, most people think of the peaceful four-legged creatures grazing in a pasture. But we horse lovers know that our animals can be quite large goofballs and incredible athletes, sometimes in the same moment. Every photo I take I try to capture the personality and athleticism of the horses, whether I’m in the arena or taking a portrait in the barn.

Behavior Beyond Training – The Gut Connection

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Your dog’s gut health can affect their behavior. Recent studies on dogs have shown that a healthy microbiome in a dog—the vast ecosystem of bacteria, fungi, and viral organisms in their digestive tracts—can make a significant difference in their behavior.

Retail Initiatives for Pet Products

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The global pet supplement market is big business and sales are growing. A recent report suggests that projections for pet supplements and nutraceuticals in the United States mirror the positive outlook for dietary supplements in the human-health market.