How to Keep your Dog Happy this Winter

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There is no doubt that winter is upon us and now we have to find some creative ways to keep our canine companion from getting the dreaded “cabin fever”. When typically active dogs spend even a few days cooped up inside, they start to look for ways to release their pent up energy. Unfortunately they can take out that energy on your shoes, the kitchen trash can, your sofa, etc. So what do we do when the weather doesn’t allow for a good walk or jog around the neighborhood or a game of fetch in the yard? We get creative! 

Made for Equine Athletes

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I am grateful for the daily nutritional support our equine athletes receive from Curamax. Curamax helps combat occasional joint stiffness in our older horses, muscle tightness, and occasional gastric discomfort. I find the potency and palatability to be superior.

The Courage of Pyro –A Police Dog

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We know police officers risk their lives every day. Other members of the force are also put in harm’s way at a moment’s notice— the K-9 unit. This is the story of Pyro, his handler Officer Scott Salzmann, and a caring community who stepped forth to bring something good out of a tragic situation.

Curamax - I never head to a barrel race without this product

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I spend almost every weekend barrel racing and this product has made a difference for many of my horses. I started using Curamax pre and post-race for my horses after I noticed how well it worked and I have been VERY pleased. My horses feel great in the warmup arena and their muscles post-race are much more relaxed and it puts my mind at ease that they feel good after giving 110% to me. I never head to a barrel race without this product in my trailer and would recommend it to anyone that has a horse that is sore, stiff, or just wants to keep their equine athletes feeling great!

A racehorse recovers health, fitness and a new lease on life.

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We started working with a racehorse that had been neglected and was stiff and inflexible. A few weeks into the training, we added Curamax, one scoop of pellets per day, as part of a nutritional protocol. His appetite became voracious, eating all hay given and drinking all water provided. Six weeks into the program, he had gained muscle, and was much improved in his six days per week dressage training work, with a more consistent attitude and increased body comfort.† Review by Laura D †Family, friend or staff member of Terry Naturally Animal Health

She's A Different Horse!

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A couple of months on Curamax by Terry Naturally and the difference in Jazzi is amazing. She’s no longer so stiff and her joints don’t crack. She’s a different horse! Might just have to pull her out of retirement and run some barrels on her.† Review by Alissa B. — Horse Lover/Barrel Racer †Family, friend or staff member of Terry Naturally Animal Health