Talking with Animals

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As a kid, I loved to pet animals. Hearing about someone who could “talk” with animals sounded amazing, but I didn’t think I could converse with four-legged creatures. That gift was for “special people,” or it was superhuman power. Imagine my surprise when I realized that I could talk to animals! My journey of working with the energy in my hands to communicate began when I was nine years old.

Forget the Fish Oil: There's a Better Choice for Omega-3

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Many of us are big fans of omega-3 supplements, and why not? They support a healthy heart, mind, and eyes, among other aspects of health. But what are we giving to our best friend?

What’s Up with Poop Eating?? The Answer May Surprise You!

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You’re walking along with your canine best friend, and then it happens—again. They start eating poop. And that’s when you think, “I guess there’s a lot about dogs that I don’t understand.” And then you think, “But wait… why are they doing this?”

Tips for training a new dog

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If you have never owned or raised a dog before, this can all seem very overwhelming! Particularly now, with most people working from home, settling into a routine with a new dog can seem like a challenge. It is extremely important to get our dogs into a consistent daily routine immediately to ensure a seamless transition into our household.

Bringing Home a New Dog? Follow These Five Tips!

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Oh, the excitement when a family decides to take in a new dog! It’s time to grab the dog, and off you go on adventures, right? That’s not the best idea. Here are five helpful tips to make the transition easier for your new dog and you.

ROAD TRIP! Traveling with your Pet in a Car

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This summer will likely be a big one for road trips, as we are ready to escape the isolation and caged feeling of quarantine. And nothing is better that an escape with your best friend at your side! Whether it’s a long-strategized cross-country adventure or a spontaneous “GET ME OUT OF HERE!” escape, there are some “best practices” in keeping your dog healthy and happy during whatever journey you take.