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There is nothing that I love more as a veterinarian than seeing a happy, healthy and comfortable senior pet. But I know very well that there is a lot of care and extra support that goes into keeping senior dogs healthy -- and pet owners who are able to take the added steps in supporting their pets as they age are rewarded greatly in sharing life with a senior canine citizen who is able to enjoy a wonderful quality of life.

Turmeric, or Curcumin for Your Dog?

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As an astute pet parent, you may find yourself in a position of deciding whether or not to give your dog turmeric. You could also be confused because you’ve heard about curcumin, and wonder if they are the same thing. Taking just a few moments to understand the difference will allow you to make a wise choice for your best friend.

The Importance of Canine Heart Health

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People love their dogs! From treats to toys to playtime, much attention is given to our furry friends. But, have you given thought to a dog’s heart health? The heart can easily be taken for granted. It can be overlooked amidst all the potty training, learning skills, and every fun aspect of having a best friend. Take a moment and consider how important it is to do preventative canine heart care. The rewards are priceless!


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Today I am writing about frequently asked questions and my approach on how to train your pet. As a professional Dog Trainer, I’m often asked questions like the following: How do I make my dog listen? How do I make my dog stop barking? How do I stop my dog from pulling on the leash? Why does my dog pee in the house? Can you make my dog not jump on my guest? How to stop my puppy from biting? Can you train my dog? How can I become the Alpha? These are all great questions, and we need to look at each question a bit differently. Instead of focusing on what your dog is doing wrong, let’s look at it as how can I help my dog learn.


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An untrained dog is not nearly as fun to be around as a well-trained pet. While you may have settled for some unruly mishaps in your own home, be assured that anyone else coming in contact with your pet will not be amused. It’s the responsibility of a pet owner to take the time to train their dog and something that every dog deserves. All it takes is some time and tenderness to make your pet’s world a better place. Do your pet a favor, commit to training.


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We all watch with trepidation when hurricane warnings descend upon a region, especially when we have a friend or family member in the path of the storm. What we might fail to think about are the animals who will also be in harm’s way. Thankfully, there are good Samaritans who do concern themselves with animal welfare. Here’s the story of a recent rescue during Hurricane Dorian, a Category 5 hurricane that pummeled the Bahamas with 220 mph wind gusts.