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The word dressage often conjures up images of high level collection, fantastic lateral movements, and even airs above the ground. The truth is, dressage is a French word that simply means training. How do equestrians progress from the daily schooling of the basic paces – walk, trot, and canter – to training these advanced maneuvers? Dressage is built on a biomechanical foundation for both the horse and the rider. Understanding how both equine and human bodies work and how they work together is the first step to climbing the levels.

Begin Here for a Well-Trained Dog

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An untrained dog is not nearly as fun to be around as a well-trained pet. While you may have settled for some unruly mishaps in your own home, be assured that anyone else coming in contact with your pet will not be amused. It’s the responsibility of a pet owner to take the time to train their dog and something that every dog deserves. All it takes is some time and tenderness to make your pet’s world a better place. Do your pet a favor, commit to training.

The Wind of Change for 83 and More!

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We all watch with trepidation when hurricane warnings descend upon a region, especially when we have a friend or family member in the path of the storm. What we might fail to think about are the animals who will also be in harm’s way. Thankfully, there are good Samaritans who do concern themselves with animal welfare. Here’s the story of a recent rescue during Hurricane Dorian, a Category 5 hurricane that pummeled the Bahamas with 220 mph wind gusts.

How to Keep your Dog Happy this Winter

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There is no doubt that winter is upon us and now we have to find some creative ways to keep our canine companion from getting the dreaded “cabin fever”. When typically active dogs spend even a few days cooped up inside, they start to look for ways to release their pent up energy. Unfortunately they can take out that energy on your shoes, the kitchen trash can, your sofa, etc. So what do we do when the weather doesn’t allow for a good walk or jog around the neighborhood or a game of fetch in the yard? We get creative! 

Made for Equine Athletes

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I am grateful for the daily nutritional support our equine athletes receive from Curamax. Curamax helps combat occasional joint stiffness in our older horses, muscle tightness, and occasional gastric discomfort. I find the potency and palatability to be superior.

The Courage of Pyro –A Police Dog

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We know police officers risk their lives every day. Other members of the force are also put in harm’s way at a moment’s notice— the K-9 unit. This is the story of Pyro, his handler Officer Scott Salzmann, and a caring community who stepped forth to bring something good out of a tragic situation.