Rocco's Life

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I have been giving my dog, Rocco, Calming Formula from Terry Naturally Animal Health for the past 2 months. Since I started giving him Calming Formula, he is completely relaxed and no longer shakes and hides when we go to leave.

No Paw, No Dog

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Fresh snow can bring out the zoomies in even the staidest senior dog – until the dreaded ice balls build up between the toes. Hair on the feet traps snow, body heat melts it, and ice balls form. These can be painful for dogs. Long haired dogs seem to be particularly prone to this problem. I find keeping the feet trimmed helps a great deal.

Protecting Your Pet From Danger

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Imagine that your friend, co-worker, or spouse were having a medical emergency. You know what to do! You call 911 and an ambulance would be on the way. But, what do you do when it comes to your pet having an emergency? Are you prepared and ready for problems that can happen? Following these few handy tips can prepare you to do the right thing if a pet emergency arises.

5 Ways To Destress Your Pet

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Ever wish your pet could talk and just tell you what is stressing them out? Of course you have! We all have wanted to just “make it better” or understand why our beloved pets are anxious, worried, or acting up based on something we can’t quite put our finger on. Just like people, stress is not something to be ignored when it comes to our pets.

Does Your Pet Need Supplements?

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You’ve probably taken supplements and know what they can do for a healthy life. But what about your pet? While several schools of thought abound, common sense may be the best adviser when it comes to this important question. As in people, some advice says— all you need is in the foods you eat. Those are easy words to hear when everything is going great. But start with some stiff knees, bathroom issues, or anxiety beyond your comfort level, and soon you are looking for natural answers.

Dig In Dogsgiving!

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We love our dogs. Majorly. Like family, right? And we want to share with them our country’s greatest celebration of gratitude, Thanksgiving, with special treats and food, just like family, right? But you must be careful! Dogs’ metabolism differs from human beings. It is hard to resist the temptation to share what we prepare for ourselves because, oh boy, seeing those tails wag in joy is the very best! But without care we are really doing their health a disservice (hmmmm… sounds a little like my diet…)!