Your Dog Just Wrote You a Letter About the Holidays

Your Dog Just Wrote You a Letter About the Holidays

ARTICLE BY | Michele Olson

Just look at your “to-do” list as the holidays approach! There’s the shopping, extra cleaning, and preparing for guests—not to mention the decorating and finding the time to catch your favorite holiday movies! Whew! You’re busy!

But wait! In all the hustle and bustle, you might have missed those looks your dog is giving you filled with thoughts of how they’re feeling right now. It’s okay, because your dog reached out to me and asked me to write down those thoughts so it will be the best holiday for all of you!

To my pet parent from your dog:

1) I don’t know if you know this about me, but I love routine. Things could be the same every day and that wouldn’t bother me at all, in fact, it’s comforting. But, wow! Lately, our routines have gone out the window! If you could take a moment and make sure I’m doing okay, and try to keep some things the same for me, I’d really appreciate it. When new people show up, please be careful about introducing me and don’t let Cousin Harold’s toddler pull on my fur! I wouldn’t mind a reward (like a treat) as we work through these days.

2) Did you notice how loud it’s become? Since Silent Night is my favorite holiday tune, this is not sitting well with me. The people laughing louder, kids shouting, doorbells ringing—it’s all a bit much. I feel like my ears are becoming more sensitive with every new beep and squeal. Please be aware that all this noise can put me on edge.

3) I had an idea and I hope you think it's a good one. How about creating a “safe zone” for me when all the company arrives? I would prefer if you would introduce me to the group after everyone has calmed down a little. And, could I make the first move? I love it when you praise me for reacting positively and yes, a treat reinforces that you care. People being asked to use gentle movements around me is a good idea. And, I wouldn’t say “no” if they offered me a treat either.

4) I guess it’s time to confess. You know why I chewed up that Christmas present and that pair of shoes you left out? Because I didn’t get any exercise for the past three days! And when you kind of yelled at me for jumping up on the furniture— that was confusing. I mean, I’m usually allowed on the couch, so I don’t understand. Are the rules of the house changing?
The bottom line my dear pet parent is this: there’s a lot to take in right now. Do you have any way you can help me have a happier holiday?


Your Best Friend

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