Talking with Animals

Talking with Animals

ARTICLE BY | Cindy Brody

As a kid, I loved to pet animals. Hearing about someone who could “talk” with animals sounded amazing, but I didn’t think I could converse with four-legged creatures. That gift was for “special people,” or it was superhuman power. Imagine my surprise when I realized that I could talk to animals! My journey of working with the energy in my hands to communicate began when I was nine years old.

Through the years of using this gift, I developed my brand of an energetic healing modality I call CinergE. One day while treating my friend Gail’s horse, she asked me an interesting question.

    “If you can tell where Bogart’s hurting with your hands, can you tell me what he’s thinking?” she asked.

That made me think. Could I? That’s when I decided to ask him about his life.

    “Bogart,” I said under my breath, “are you happy living here? You must be thrilled to live on such a beautiful farm.”

When Bogart responded, his answer was less than enthusiastic. Postcard like thoughts and pictures popped into my head. These thoughts were clear, and they weren’t mine. I sensed that Bogart had a complaint. I wasn’t sure if I was right or wrong, but I took a chance and told Gail what he was saying. Bogart let me know that he loved his life, except when the boys came in the barn with the white rope.

When I relayed this to Gail, she was a bit skeptical and indignant.

     “My boys don’t come down to the barn, and they wouldn’t ever do anything with a rope!” she said.

I told her I could be mistaken, but the picture I’d gotten from Bogart was extremely clear and kept flashing back to me: There was a white rope and boys.
I quickly changed the subject, finished my treatment, and left. Later that night, I got a phone call from Gail. She’d asked the boys during dinner if they’d been down at the barn. They said they had because their father had asked them to give the horses some hay. They’d thrown the hay in a pile, but Bogart kept chasing the other horses away from it. The oldest boy grabbed a white length of rope that was hanging on the wall and started throwing it at Bogart to get him to stop. Gail was amazed and took immediate action. She told the boys to stop throwing the white rope at Bogart!

Bogart taught me that I could speak to all animals.

Animals communicate to people with thoughts, feelings, or images, like snapshots. If the thoughts don’t make sense to me, their pet parent validates and understands what I’m conveying. Sometimes a dog will talk to me in feelings. I will feel its sadness, fear, adrenaline rush, or confusion. These are not my feelings; they are the dog’s feelings. Once they know they can trust me, they share freely, with a sense of relief.    

People bring their animals to me when they are having problems that they can’t solve. Other times the dog needs to be heard, or there is physical discomfort causing the dog concern. Dogs talk about their feelings of love, happiness, and sometimes their disappointments.  Just like us, some dogs are easier to speak with than others.  A happy dog’s biggest complaint may be that you changed his kibble or washed his bed!

Our animals are very wise. They live with us and watch us.  The older they get, the smarter they become. Dogs are experts at reading our moods and can sense the feelings we have stored deep in our hearts. They are our best friends, and they want to help us. Horses can know our feelings straight through the saddle.

When I do readings, I focus on helping the animals express themselves. If they’re in conflict with their humans, we come up with compromises by asking the human or the dog to adjust their behavior. Some of my dog clients come to me with serious problems that they and their humans can’t resolve without outside help. Some are sick and old; others just need to be heard. They all have important things to share.

Are you ready to talk to your animal? Take a moment with your best furry friend today and listen. You might be surprised by the conversation.

ABOUT | Cindy

Cindy Brody, author of “CinergE: Energy Healing and Communication for Horses “is an animal communicator, Reiki master, and the originator of CinergE, an energetic healing modality that can be applied to all living beings. She has been practicing Communication and CinergE with animals and their people for over thirty years.  She has helped animals all over the world and their people in all stages of life. Cindy has worked extensively with performance horses, dogs, cats and their owners, helping to ease physical stress with her hands and bridge the communication gap between people and their animals. Cindy helps to unravel behavioral problems. She has a busy practice in Woodstock New York in the heart of the Hudson Valley.  Cindy teaches CinergE for horses and dogs, Reiki 1,2,3 and Animal Communication. Her goal is to make the world a better place for animals and their people.