Expert Advice

Expert Advice

Why Saddle Fit Matters

Julie Kaye | Expert Advice READ MORE

Does your horse demonstrate any of the following? Objects to being girthed and/or saddled Reluctant to stride out Unable or unwilling to round his back and work in a frame Stumbling or tripping excessively Rushing fences

Energy Work

Cindy Kraft, LMT/CEMT | Expert Advice READ MORE

Is there a new way to connect to horses through positive energy? Through my practice, I’ve seen this method make a world of difference. The basics of energy work are simple. We are all comprised of energy, and our energy creates our world. If we are negative, we will have a difficult, challenging time. Positive energy creates happiness, abundance, and success. The source of this energy is our own mind. Our thoughts send forth energy waves, either positive or negative. If we think about all the good things in life, we will create even more of it. Abundance comes from our abundant heart and mind. Working together, we can achieve success.

Equine Massage: Insurance For Your Horse

Heather Leonard | Expert Advice READ MORE

Many horse owners purchase an insurance policy to provide monetary coverage for a loss sustained to an equine under certain conditions. They also may buy a policy for coverage on large veterinary bills in the event of an illness to their horse companion, but what if there was a way to purchase a service to help protect your horse from injury, or speed up recovery time on an existing trauma? These are two examples of what massage therapy can provide to your horse. In the following article, I will explain the benefits and importance of equine massage, which plays a critical role in the healthy maintenance of the horse.