Great Experience with Calming Formula

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We had a great experience with Terry Naturally Calming Formula™.  We had issues with our dog having stress for car rides,  storms,  and even around other dogs after she had been "attacked" by other aggressive dogs.  We decided to try Terry Naturally® and we are very pleased with the Calming Formula. We had given it for long car rides over the course of about a month. 

Dressage: Understanding Aiding


Last quarter we took a brief look at the bio-mechanical foundation which dressage schooling is built upon for both horse and rider. Now we’ll begin to discuss aiding. Regardless of discipline, the basic goal in riding is for the rider to feel balanced and comfortable in the saddle, for the horse to feel balanced and comfortable under saddle, and for the horse to do what the rider asks with as little resistance as possible. Sometimes the demands can seem pretty daunting! It is important for the rider to understand what she is asking in order to expect her horse to understand well enough to offer an acceptable response.

Works great for my Cavachon rescue!

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Calming Formula, works great for my Cavachon rescue! She tends to be hyperactive and we just completed the AKC Good Citizen course and test. I know that the Calming Formula tablets, given to her before every class and test, really helped her focus and listen to all my commands.

Your Dog and Spring—5 Reminders—5 New Things to Know!

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Spring! We love the arrival and want our dogs to enjoy the season. Along with the fresh air comes the opportunity to be aware of some dangers of the season. Don’t miss these timely tips that will encourage a safe spring for your best buddy!


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There is nothing that I love more as a veterinarian than seeing a happy, healthy and comfortable senior pet. But I know very well that there is a lot of care and extra support that goes into keeping senior dogs healthy -- and pet owners who are able to take the added steps in supporting their pets as they age are rewarded greatly in sharing life with a senior canine citizen who is able to enjoy a wonderful quality of life.

Turmeric, or Curcumin for Your Dog?

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As an astute pet parent, you may find yourself in a position of deciding whether or not to give your dog turmeric. You could also be confused because you’ve heard about curcumin, and wonder if they are the same thing. Taking just a few moments to understand the difference will allow you to make a wise choice for your best friend.