The Dog Lover’s Bookshelf

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I’ve always loved dogs, and reading, and so it is no surprise that I started collecting books about dogs at a young age. I recently revisited my childhood book collection and looked over some of my favorites. Here, in no particular order, are a few that I remember reading and re-reading. How many are familiar to you?

Thar She Blows!

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If you own a dog you have probably heard this joke: Does your dog shed? Yes, twice a year for six months at a time! Unless you own a Xoloitzuintli (and even some Xolos have fur), you are familiar with dog hair and its removal. We vacuum, we sweep, we brush, we keep those rollers of sticky tape in our cars and offices. But dog hair is everywhere, which is why another commonly heard meme in the dog world is “in our house, dog hair is a condiment.”

3 Mistakes NOT to Make at the Dog Park

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I love dog parks. Nothing burns off a dog’s energy like wrestling and running with a like-minded doggie friend. I’m fortunate in that I have three or four dog parks within easy access of my home, and my dog and I frequent all of them. However, I often see people make what I think are very risky choices at the dog park. Here are three I have seen and why they concern me:

Curamax For An Aging Horse

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Nearly three months ago, we learned about the potential positive impact curcumin could have on aging horses with joint stiffness. Our 18 year-old gelding has been an award-winning jumper for most of his life and was ridden quite hard when he was younger. He has a history of joint stiffness as a result.

Rocco's Life

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I have been giving my dog, Rocco, Calming Formula from Terry Naturally Animal Health for the past 2 months. Since I started giving him Calming Formula, he is completely relaxed and no longer shakes and hides when we go to leave.

No Paw, No Dog

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Fresh snow can bring out the zoomies in even the staidest senior dog – until the dreaded ice balls build up between the toes. Hair on the feet traps snow, body heat melts it, and ice balls form. These can be painful for dogs. Long haired dogs seem to be particularly prone to this problem. I find keeping the feet trimmed helps a great deal.