Kenton's Happy Ending

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How can a dog with sensitive skin thrive, especially when they haven’t found their forever home?

Your Dog Just Wrote You a Letter About the Holidays

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Just look at your “to-do” list as the holidays approach! There’s the shopping, extra cleaning, and preparing for guests—not to mention the decorating and finding the time to catch your favorite holiday movies! Whew! You’re busy!

Keep Your Dog Safe and Holiday Happy!

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The holidays can be a magical time filled with family and friends. But, as wonderful as this time of year can be, it can also be perilous for your pet. Check out these tips to keep your dog healthy through all the festivities.

The Importance of Stretching for your Equine Athlete

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Have you ever stopped to think about an athlete's regular workout routine? Olympians and other professional competitors push their bodies to its maximum potential and continue to improve with each drill, but consider the most crucial component to their day: stretching before and after workouts. We ask the very same thing of our equine companions who are in regular work, and they even carry weight on their back while accomplishing these athletic tasks! This article explains how stretching your horse regularly will produce not only performance gains, but health benefits as well.

Go Beyond Yogurt for Your Dog

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Many people assume feeding their dog yogurt occasionally is all that’s needed for canine digestive support. Research tells us there’s more to it. In addition to a healthy diet and adequate exercise, it’s important to give your dog a quality probiotic, one made for canines. Here’s the news on why you should consider a probiotic for your best friend.

He Loves the Omega Supplement

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Kenton or Oscar, his adoptive name, was adopted from Forever Home Dog Rescue the summer of 2019. We recently got a phone call from the Animal Rescue League, our local shelter for stray dogs in the metro, letting us know that Kenton/Oscar had been picked up by them and had never been claimed by his owner.